Men are disposable, that’s why women live longer

by Cheryl Poirier

Of course, it’s a little more complicated than that but Thomas Kirkwood, director of the Institute for Aging and Health, Newcastle University, penned an interesting article in Scientific American, October 2010 — “Why Women Live Longer.”

Women out live men by 5-6 yrs and people have all kinds of theories as to why.

Stress, was once postulated as the reason men die first but with gender equality one would have expected the mortality gap to decrease or vanish all together. It hasn’t.

Some say women adopt healthier lifestyle habits. Sadly, the number of women who smoke has increased and if anyone has ever seen a group of women out for a “Girl’s Night”, you know they certainly haven’t stopped drinking.

So, why do women, despite living hard and fast, still continue to live longer than men?

Well, Mr. Kirkwood wrote a great article about it but the bottom line…Women propagate the species and their bodies repair themselves better because of it. See really, men are disposable and women rule. But read the article to get the specifics.