by Cheryl Poirier

Dr. Thomas Perls has developed a Life Expectancy Calculator and based on your current lifestyle,  it will give you an idea of how long you are going to live.

We all know that things like stress, physical activity and genetics play a role. I was surprised, however, to be asked questions about friendships, flossing and sunscreen.

Answering the questions from the calculator made me think more carefully about what I eat, my exercise routine (could use a little tweaking) and the things that I stress about. Are there really people who stress daily about how they COULD die?

One of the great things about this particular tool is that, at the end, it gives you tips to live longer. Little things you can change here and there that will increase your life expectancy.

In order to live longer I need to strengthen my brain, move to a place where the air quality is better, wear sunscreen and eat less sweets.

Okay, I’m convinced, I’ll move to Hawaii.