Your life in jellybeans

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A typical person lives 28,835 days. Each one of us knows what a day (24 hours) feels like, and how long it takes, and how variable any day can feel. But 28,835 days is just a number—unless you count it out in jelly beans.

Here’s some cool jelly bean facts from The Singularity Hub

  • 5,475 jelly beans takes us to 15 years old
  • the remaining 23,360 jelly beans sleeping, working, preparing or eating food, watching TV, doing chores, and commuting.
  • beyond that, we have 2,740 days to be creative and for leisure time

The site also says:

“Modern medicine has added over 11,000 jelly beans since the turn of the last century. This varies globally, but US life expectancy was 47.3 in 1900 and 78.7 in 2010.”


Have a look ay this great video that helps you visualize your life in jellybeans. (Thanks to Singularity Hub!)

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