Daphne Selfe
83 year old supermodel Daphne Selfe

At 83, Daphne Selfe appears in fashion magazines (Vogue) and walks the Paris catwalks. Her secrets: Long hair, no Botox and a little Boots face cream She related her longevity and beauty secrets to the Daily Mail:

On staying positive: “The drops I have to put in my eyes (for glaucoma) have made my lashes grow! So there is always a plus side.”

On staying passionate: “It’s important to remain passionate about things. I’m going to a meeting later about saving our local church, and I’m off to France next week to see the village that is twinned with the one where I live in Hertfordshire. I garden, I walk a lot and I do yoga — my version of yoga, I don’t have time for classes.”

On women and work: “It’s dreadful women today have to work and can’t look after their families.”

On aging:  “It’s going to happen, so why worry? My generation got on with it.”

What she’s afraid of: “Falling ill. I want to just keel over one day and, if not, I want someone to knock me over the head. I don’t ever want to be a nuisance.”

On staying fit and lively: “I think it’s partly down to good genes. My mother was a livewire, she lived until she was 95. I’ve never really bothered with skin cream or anything like that. I might use a bit of Boots (face cream).”

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