What is the best way to eat healthy during winter? Dec21


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What is the best way to eat healthy during winter?

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Compared to every other season of the year, winter is a time for being inside, and especially around the savory smells of a kitchen in full use. Yes, it is colder outside, and we may need extra calories to stay warm. The reason is: warming up!

Nothing is more satisfying on a brisk wintry day than a hearty hot bowl of soup. The idea of your oven compartments and stovetop burners being more active in the winter is an idea in keeping with this focus on inner warmth, and we encourage you to think about the winter as a time to celebrate the warmth of eating.

At the World’s Healthiest Foods, we do a lot of stovetop steaming and poaching, but winter is the time when you may want to turn more often to baking and roasting in our oven-based recipes. These recipes will draw you up for a longer time against the slow warmth of the oven.

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