Bacon might actually be good for you If you think eating bacon will kill you, think again.

According to health and fitness guru Mina Yun:

1) Bacon fat is 50% monunsaturated (the same kind as olive oil), and has antioxidants that are more powerful than vitamin E.

2) Bacon from pastured pigs that forage in the sun is also a good source of vitamin D.

3) Bacon is high in saturated fat and cholesterol, but that doesn’t matter because there’s nothing wrong with saturated fat and cholesterol.  (read: “The Cholesterol Myths” by Uffe Ravnskoff.)

4) Bacon’s high-fat content keeps you satisfied and levels out your blood sugar, which will keep you from eating that donut later on, which will help you lose weight.

5) Sodium nitrite – a traditional curing salt for bacon, as well as a growing health concern – might not be such a bad thing, afterall.

6) Not all bacon is created equal. Choose wisely.

Don’t believe it? Read Mina’s post here: