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The Methuselah Generation

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The Methuselah Generation is a 3D documentary about the science, philosophy, and implications of the coming age of extremely long-lived humans. It profiles the lives and work of scientists who are attempting to create new technologies that can bring about a new age in humanity, and explores their motivations and personal beliefs.

The film will ask (and attempt to answer) profound questions about longevity as it pertains to humanity, the environment and economics. And even if you don’t believe that life extension is possible, the stories and the people involved in the science will fascinate you in this great cinematic treat.

This film is being Produced and Directed by Jason Sussberg and David Alvarado, two recent graduates from Stanford University’s Documentary MFA program. David and Jason both have a strong interest in science and a sharp inclination towards character-driven films.

To learn more about this film and how you can get involved (they need donations to finish it) click here.

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