Mental Toughness Inc. Unveils Free Suite Of Training Tools

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Mental Toughness Inc. Unveils Free Suite Of Training Tools

Mental toughness Inc
Tampa, FL – January 30 2, 2017 /MarketersMedia/ —

Mental Toughness Inc. recently announced the launch of their free suite of training tools. The company helps athlete, who want to compete at their highest level, overcome negative thoughts and emotions that often stand between them and the success they desire . The free mental toughness coaching tools are currently available as a direct download through the Mental Toughness Inc. website.

“Most athletes focus on developing and training their physical abilities. However, no matter how much skill an athlete has in their sport, those who want to compete at the highest levels cannot ignore the importance of developing their mental toughness,” said Andy Walker, Director of Operations at Mental Toughness Inc.

“This is what sets elite athletes apart and allows them to push through the pain, outplay their competition, and experience ultimate victory. Our programs train athletes so they can overcome mental barriers and max out their performance so they can get on the podium more often.”

Mental Toughness Inc.’s free suite of training tools were designed by their Olympic-level mental toughness coaches to help athletes in any sport and at any level.

The free tools are audio files taken directly from “The Mental Toughness Program for Champion Athletes,” the company’s flagship audio online training program. The entire suite can be downloaded from

Walker adds, “The simple truth is that mental toughness is just as important as athletic skill. Athletes tend to enjoy their sport much more when they are less stressed and as a result more successful. We see it as our mission to help them achieve that success. The free suite of sports psychology tools we provide go a long way in training athletes to push past their limits and overcome their challenges both in the competition spotlight and in their everyday lives.”

Mental toughness training is a relatively recent specialty and is an evolving discipline that has it roots in sport psychology. It was pioneered by by Dr. Jim Loehr, a sports psychologist who started worked in the 1980s with athletes with the principal goal of improving sports performance. Four decades later, it is a core skillset learned by all elite athletes, yet it can be used by athletes of any level who want to improve their performance. It’s also used by business people, actors, singers and dancers, and high performing practitioners in any discipline.

The company also offers a free mental toughness test so athletes can evaluate how mentally tough they are and what they need to work on.

About Mental Toughness Inc.:

Mental Toughness Inc. provides personal, online, and group coaching to athletes of any level to train them to manage the emotional and mental blocks that athletes experience in training for competition. The company helps them develop the specific tools they need to outlast the competition and consistently perform at the top of their game, even when the pressure’s on.

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