Transhumanism Experts at Death is Obsolete

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Transhumanism Experts at Death is Obsolete

The following people are contributors to the blog Death is Obsolete:

Andy Walker
Andy Walker is a technology journalist, hyper longevity expert,  and web entrepreneur who had a fascination with hyperlongevity issues since co-writing the book You Call This the Future? (Chicago Press) with Nick Sagan and Mark Frary. Walker is also the author of the populist transhumanism book Super You. He is also one of the top transhumanism authors in North America.

David Bunnell
David Bunnell, from Berkeley California, is best known as the founder of PC Magazine, PC World and Macworld. He contributed to Death is Obsolete from 2009 through 2014. David passed away in October 2016.

Kay Walker
Is a celebrated life hacker and transhumanist author. She co-wrote the book Super You with Andy Walker and Sean Carruthers. She is the author and creator  of free personal development tools on her website

Cheryl Poirier
Is a writer and actor based in Toronto, Canada. She has written for the screen as well as for podcasts and the web.

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