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Soursop is a cancer fighting fruit

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Soursop may be the most famous cancer-fighting fruit you have never heard of. Also known as guanabana and graviola, the spiny green fruit is well known in the Caribbean and South America, where it grows on a tall evergreen tree.

The creamy, custardy insides of the fruit is deliciously sweet and some say a combination of mango and strawberry. Yet is has apparent mystical healing powers. As do its leaves, which can be made into soursop tea (click here for more info) and are said to help cancer patients survive and ultimately beat their disease.

Scientists have shown it contains phytochemicals at that good at killing resistant cancer cells. These are lab tests that have isolated the chemicals. However clinical trials do not yet show it as a definitive cancer fighter – or as some call it an all natural cure for cancer.

Soursop is also known as an decent anti-inflammatory and helps soothe intestinal upset. It also can help with insomnia. The guanabana seeds, while toxic to eat, can be pulverized into a paste that can sooth skin irritations.

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