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About the Death is Obsolete blog

About this Project

We created Death is Obsolete to follow the exciting developments in science and technology around the issues of hyper-longevity and immortality, two topics that until only a few decades ago were only possible in the realm of science fiction.

Today there is no better time to be alive because death is, or soon will be, obsolete for a privileged group of dedicated, committed and/or wealthy people on the planet. How? Thanks to breakthroughs in science and technology humans are living longer than ever before. And in the next few decades will produce technologies that will reverse or repair damaged caused by aging diseases and extend longevity. These technologies may also forestall or reverse the aging process.

The exciting story here is that for every year you live, the average lifespan is extended. One dataset shows that for every year you live, the average human lifespan extends by 3 months, thanks to ongoing breakthroughs in health science and technology. So if you live an extra decade, by the time that 10 years is up, you gain 30 months additional lifespan.

So this blog (and eventually book by the same name) examines what you have to do extend your lifespan, given your genetic predispostion, so that you can in turn extend your lifespan.

In the coming decadesĀ  there will be a tipping point where for every year we live we will extend our lifespan by a year.

And for those that are doubtful that they personally will live long enough to get there, We’ll look at some other fascinating approaches that might be used to transcend what we currently call “death”.

The “we” I reference is a team of experts I am putting together. And one of the most notable is the legendary DavidĀ  Bunnell, founder of PC magazine, PC World and MacWorld and author of several amazing longevity books. He is a dear friend and we have had a friendship and off and on business relationship that spans back almost 10 years.

Andy Walker
andy @ cyberwalker media .com
October 2011



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